Quick Cinque Terre Update

We wanted to post a quick update, because we have been having some connectivity issues with the computer. This post is brought to you by the iTouch which will connect, but is not as friendly to type on. Yesterday we hiked between the 5 towns of the Cinque Terre – absolutely beautiful with many great pics. On the hike we had a pretty sweet little picnic of bread, proscuitto, mozzerella, tomatoes, grapes, and plums that we picked up in the markets. After getting back we had drinks on our terrace and visited with some of the other travelers. Today we’re gonna hit the beach in “new town” Monterosso, then do some shopping in “old town”. Should be a relaxing day, then travel to Venice starting early tomorrow. We’ll do a revision post with pics once the computer gets it’s act together.


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One response to “Quick Cinque Terre Update”

  1. auntda30 says :

    I just found out this evening that you’d been sending posts since last week. I don’t know why, but I was expecting to get your blog in my email. So glad that you’re having a wonderful trip. Your posts have given me some smiles and brought back fond memories of our trip to Italy 7 years ago. It took us 2 hours to get out of Rome, and then we drove to Lucca, which should have taken four hours, but ended up taking us eight. And NO ONE spoke English. It hurt my heart to hear that your camera died, Missa. But the pictures you’re sending are beautiful. Now that I know how it really works, I’ll be checking out your posts. It didn’t take you long to discover Limoncello! De-lish!
    Love and prayers,
    Aunt Da and Uncle Peter

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