An actual relaxing day of vacation?

We have been going at a maniac pace for our entire vacation to this point, so we were ready for a little break. We thought we would get that break when we hiked the trails of the Cinque Terre – but  that turned out to be slightly more intense than we thought it would be. So, we decided to take a day off and enjoy Monterosso.  We slept in a little (probably the first day of vacation that we didn’t have somewhere to be early), and went over to visit Giovanni and get some breakfast.  After breakfast we packed up some of our left over lunch supplies and went over to the New Town to hang out on the beach.

After the beach we ate some lunch and strolled the town and blew some Euros in the shops.  After our shopping, we got cleaned up and went back to visit Giovanni and some of the other guests of Manuels Guest House. After about an hour on the terrace, we went down the stairs to get some dinner.  We ended up choosing a place out of one of the guide books – L’Alta Marea. It was great.  I know that it was the best pasta that I have had so far – and Jason says that it was a coin flip between here and the place we tried in Siena,  (for all the times we have cursed Rick Steves on this trip, he hasn’t lead us astray on food recommendations yet).

After dinner we headed back to the room to pack up.  We had to be out early to catch a 7:10 train to Venice.


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