The end is near

Today we made our way to Venice. I am very excited about heading over to Venice, but it is also our last stop – and it means that our trip is wrapping up.  Boo.

We took a 7:10 train out of Monterosso this morning. There were quite a few transfers – one of which was way stressful.  We only had about 5 minutes between stops, and to us inexperienced rail travelers, this was a bit closer than we would have liked. But in the end, it all worked out.  We had transfers all through the middle of Italy, with stops in La Spezia (the 5 minute connection), Pisa, and Florence before making our way to Venice.  It was especially hard to stop in Florence without being able to check things out – but hopefully we will make it back there some day.

Getting off the train in Venice was quite an experience. The view exiting the train station is so different from anything else we have seen so far in Italy.  Combine that with our giddiness from being finished with train travel, and  we already considered the day a success – and we hadn’t even had lunch yet.  It took us about 15 minutes to find the hotel, and luckily we could check in a little early.  We dropped off our bags and wandered out into the streets of Venice.  We started following signs to the Rialto Bridge, and Saint Mark’s square. We didn’t go in to any museums or basilicas today, but we may do that tomorrow.  Everything went great until it was time to head back.  That took a bit longer than expected, but we did eventually wind out way back.  We also kindof lucked out because there is a museum right next door to our hotel – so when we get close, in theory we can just follow the signs back to the hotel.  I think that tomorrows first order of business will be to get a good map.


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