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The Amalfi Disaster


So, Sunday was a day of mixed emotions. We decided to take a ferry down the coast to the town of Amalfi.  We got up early, grabbed some breakfast and walked through Piazza Tasso (the town square), down 100 steps and a huge hill to the main port, Marina Piccola.  We bought or ferry tickets and took the 1 hour-ish ride past Positano (which looked beautiful from what we saw of it) and into Amalfi.

We spent the day wandering the streets and taking a small hike to ruins of an old paper mill.  Past the mill the trail looked sketchy, so we decided to turn back and head back into town.  The main attraction of the town is their Cathedral (I will have to look up the name of it in our other guide book, which I don’t have with me in our hostel lounge…)

We stayed in town for a while, grabbed some lunch and sat at their marina for a little while and waited for our return ferry.

Unfortunately the day will be forever tainted with one of the most tragic events of my life. My camera died.  The DSLR.  It really died.  Like, needs to be sent in to Nikon and resuscitated.  It bit it about 10 minutes in to our ferry trip to Amalfi.  I think I had only taken about 15 photos with it when it decided to stop working.  So, while I am very disappointed that I can’t use it, I am not going to let it ruin the trip.  There is too much we want to see.  However, I catch myself having major camera envy whenever I see someone with a Nikon around their neck. And I will also be slightly bitter about dragging 10 pounds of worthless camera gear around the country for the next 10 days.