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So, Friday and Saturday are one big blur. Friday we left Philly around 6:15, and it was actually a much easier flight than either of us expected. Somehow we both fell asleep, and stayed asleep for the majority of the flight. And it’s a good thing. Once we landed in Rome on Saturday, we were in for a lot of traveling. First, it took a bit longer to get out of the airport than we had expected.

Next we took a bus to the Termini train station in Rome, where we just missed the 11:40ish train to Naples. Bummer. So, we grabbed some lunch, (and Jason discovered his love for prosciutto) and we took at next train to Naples at 12:45. The guidebooks and everything we had seen preparing for the trip made it seem like all train stations are crawling with helpful and friendly employees. We couldn’t find ONE employee to ask if we were on the right train. But, we were. And it’s a good thing – it was a long trip to Naples (like, over 3 hours long). Once in Naples, we changed trains, and got on the local commuter train to Sorrento. That too was a longer than expected trip. I don’t know if we made up these times in our heads when we were planning or what.

Anyway, we finally arrived around 6ish Italy time on saturday.  So, it was pretty much a full 24 hours from when we left our house.

After we got checked in, we cleaned up a little and walked around town a bit.  We will put up some photos from that tomorrow. The internet connection is slow, and there are some Italians watching the wrong kind of football for a Sunday. (Go Ravens!)


And so it begins.

We have arrived… in Philly. We are currently on a 3 hour layover, waiting to take off for Rome, and I have already abandoned part of my plan for this blog.  I didn’t get a header made in time, and I also didn’t take a picture of our luggage – which I had meant to do.  The amount of stuff we are not taking is impressive. We managed to cram all of our junk into one large checked backpack, one carry-on backpack, and my purse/camera bag.  I think all of our bags are at maximum capacity, but we figured that traveling with less baggage would be a lot less stressful when we are on the move.

We made all of our last minute arrangements this morning, which included calling the credit card company, downloading skype and then reserving a tour of the underground levels of the Colosseum.  Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come, but Jason already had to call the credit card company back, after they sent an email saying there was some suspicious activity because we tried to book that earlier mentioned tour.  Boo.

On another note, as the terminal for our flight fills, it appears as though the average age of our fellow passengers is about 68.

Anyways, that’s it for right now.  Hopefully we will have an uneventful flight and be able to get a little sleep before we land and start our journey south to Sorrento.